Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Hair Care and Water Quality

The feel and health of your hair have a lot to do with the water you use when showering. Hard and soft water play an integral role in the health of your hair. Some people might blame their shampoo or conditioner for the way their hair feels. However, that blame is often misdirected. Many times, it is important to take a closer look at the quality of water being used with water testing.

A closer look at your hair will show that each follicle has a lot of small scales on it. The use of hard water forces all those small scales to stand up. That is why hair can feel rough and seem a bit tangled even after a shower. Meanwhile, soft water is more soothing to those small scales. Washing your hair with soft water produces a softer and silkier feel.

The use of soap and shampoo is also much less effective with the addition of hard water. All the extra minerals in hard water causes of reaction when combined with the ingredients used in soap and shampoos. That combination can cause salt to form. However, the use of soft water leaves far fewer deposits because that combination is completely different. Soft water with the addition of soaps and shampoos creates a rich lather that thoroughly rinses your hair during the washing process.

If your home is supplied with hard water, there are tactics that can be used in place of buying a water softening system or water filtration system. However, those tactics require a good deal of work. It would require using all natural shampoos followed by a certain type of conditioner. It may even force you to experiment with different kinds of conditioners until you get the right one. Some fixes may even involve using something like distilled water for the purpose of rinsing your hair. Other fixes include using some type of acid rinse. The bottom line is that hard water has such a negative effect on your hair that it takes a lot of corrective measures to remedy this issue.

Certain areas of the country are more prone to having hard water than others. For example, the Midwest has extremely high concentrations of hard water as does most of Florida and northwest Texas. Most of North Carolina features hard water that is considered to be slightly hard water, meaning it is a bit stronger than typical hard water.

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