Monday, February 22, 2021

Toilet Bowl Ring and other Hard Water Stains

Toilet bowl rings and hard water stains can appear to be somewhat similar and sometimes look to be a very close match. However, it is important to note that they are not one in the same. Both can be unsightly and unsanitary but manageable. Understanding the root causes of each can help to eliminate both issues altogether.

A toilet bowl ring can be caused by hard water, although not all rings are created the same.  Bacteria, mildew and mold can grow in all types of water. Toilets provide the optimal conditions for the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew. When any of those issues produce a toilet bowl ring without a distinct coloration, it is attributed to the growing microorganisms and not hard water.

Hard water stains are a bit different and often produces a ring that is colored. This is because of the minerals within hard water, which settle in the toilet bowl. In many instances, those minerals produce an orange collar, which is similar to rust. This is due to the presence of too much iron in the water. Other minerals may give off slightly different colorations and are often a result of too much magnesium or calcium in the water. Colors are typically associated with the presence of a different mineral. Free water testing Charlotte is available to help you determine if hard water is a caused of stains.

When stains begin to appear more rapidly, it is a sign that the level of hard water is high. That means there is a lot of minerals in the water flowing through your home. Homeowners who have well water often find high concentrations of hard water and that is evidenced by frequent stains in their toilet bowls. Hard water stains also show up in all the home’s toilet bowls while bacteria-induced toilet bowl rings are individualized.

There are numerous ways to clean a simple toilet bowl ring and a simple online search will show a variety of DIY fixes. Everything from toothpaste and baking soda will provide a temporary solution. However, it is important to take steps that will eliminate this problem entirely if possible. Using cleaning agents on a regular basis will prevent any toilet bowl rings from growing. Caution is advised, especially for those with septic systems, as harsh chemicals will not simply disappear once flushed and can cause serious damage to a septic tank. On the other hand, fixing hard water stains permanently will require the installation of a water system. This solution will also make for a healthier environment for everyone within the home.

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