Monday, April 26, 2021

Tap water around the world is not so safe anymore

Taking a drink of water is not as simple as it used to be. Just when you thought all the water in the world could sustain human life for many generations to come, science stepped in and showed us differently. A recent study showed that almost all of the world's tap water supply contains microplastic fibers.

The study was conducted by University of Minnesota researchers who examined microplastic water contamination on a global level. There were water samples collected in countries all over the world and when examined, researchers found that 83% of those samples contained microplastics. The study also showed that 94% of the samples collected from tap water in the United States contain traces of microplastics.

This would appear to be a simple case of the overproduction of plastic goods and a failure to dispose of them properly. Each year, there is an estimated production of 300 million tons of plastic. There are also other ways that microplastics find their way into water systems Charlotte NC. Tire dust and the fibers on synthetic clothing were reported to be sources of contaminants.

Local municipalities treat their water supply for contaminants, although microplastics have flown under their radars. That means the tap water flowing through most of America is far from pure.

This study reveals a frightening reality. Simply turning on the faucet rarely comes without any sense of purity. Sea animals have already felt the negative impact of plastics polluting waters around the world. Studies are more limited in the human capacity, although pollution of sea life has not made for a favorable outlook. Microplastics in tap water cannot be perceived as healthy by any means.

It is statistics like these that have caused more people to lean towards the installation of water filtration systems. Relying on tap water for even mundane household duties just doesn't provide a sense of comfort any more. Even homeowners who use well water systems, can rest their minds at ease by installing water filtration systems. Our health is too important to leave to chance and that is exactly what we do every time we take a drink of tap water.

Tap water is used for showering, cooking and cleaning. Those important daily duties can be done worry free with the installation of a water filtration system from Carolina Water Products. It is our goal to provide a healthy water alternative to Charlotte, NC and the neighboring communities.